Thousands of different languages are spoken around the world, but there is one that every person in every country understands, the language of sport. The world is enamored with sports. Millions of people worship in arenas and stadiums lifting athletes up on pedestals and paying tribute.

As societies around the world look up to athletes as heroes, those heroes should be looking up to God. Athletes and coaches, once thought to be ideal role models for today’s youth, are often swept up in a culture that seems to have abandoned limits and a moral compass for a “win at all cost” mentality.

From the World Cup to the Olympic Games, from the Championships to the National Cups, athletes hold positions of prestige worldwide. To many, victory is everything. The heart of Athletes in Action is to share with athletes that there is more to life. We desire to share with them the hope and purpose that comes with having a relationship with God in Jesus Christ.

We can no longer sit on the sidelines as spectators. We must get in the game to win a victory beyond competition, because the game of life counts for eternity.