Location: Kazan, Russia
Term: July 3-17, 2013

Focus: Student-athletes, coaches & officials from 200 nations. Helping launch spiritual movements with students who will be volunteers at the event.
Cost: 1,500€
Length: 2 Week Project
In July 2013, the students of the nations are coming to Russia for a unique global event.  The World University Games occur every two years, and 10,000 elite student athletes from over 200 countries will be gathering in Kazan, Russia for ten days of events and competition.

The university games began officially in 1905, when the first international games were held in the USA. These meetings continued throughout the 20th century, being held in various countries around the world. The founding of the International University Sports Federation (FISU) in 1959 provided an international governing body for the games and gave the event its current name:  “Universiade”. This also encouraged a higher level of excellence among participants and gave the gathering a more Olympic-style format with events in a wide variety of disciplines.

The 27th World University Summer Games in Kazan will be the first Universiade, and even more, the first high-profile multi-sport event in the history of modern Russia. The 2013 Summer Universiade will start on July 6th and end on July 17th, 2013.

This presents a unique, strategic opportunity for accomplishing our mission that we can’t let pass by.

Kazan is one of the most important cities in all Russia where we currently do not have a ministry. With a population of over one million, Kazan is capital of the largest Muslim people group in Russia, the Tatars, as well as home to one of the most prestigious and oldest universities in Russia.  Because of the Muslim nature of Kazan, sharing the gospel and building a ministry has been very difficult in this location.  However, a world event like the World University Games opens a two-week window when some of the barriers that we might typically encounter in a place like Kazan will be lowered.

Our plan is:

  • To contribute to official and unofficial chaplaincy to the sport family (athletes, coaches, officials…) of this University Games. While at Olympics. World Cup, World Athletics… chaplaincy is always very complicated and limited, WUG has chaplaincy and religious and spiritual support as part of their constitution base.
  • To have a TOTAL ATHLETE ACADEMY (training & then a hands on time in and around WUG), as we did in the last 3 years at Riga, Vilnius, and most recently at London Olympics. We would like to work with a selected group of maximum of 30 leaders for this, where criteria for their participation could be a clear profile or experience on multiplying disciples with the true sport(-student) influencer, the person assigned by a Agape NLT or SLM teams to grow in understanding and dedication to strategically target student athletes and sport community at their campuses, beyond Kazan 2013, etc
  • We would love to see sustainable and multiplying effects of partnership with SLM volunteers project.
  • To use this window to help launch a movement of evangelism and discipleship in Kazan by sharing the gospel with student-volunteers. The University Games depends on the work of 20,000 volunteers – at least 5,000 of whom are students from Kazan, English-speaking leaders whose job is to engage with visitors. The organizers of the games have gathered the very students that we want to reach, made them easy to find, and told them to go out into the city and help people.  Our task – to go to those students and share the gospel with them.

The Kazan World University Games Project offers the chance to work with students, sport influencers and CCC/AIA staff from many different countries who are coming together for this unique opportunity.  Come join them!

Expected Outcomes & “On Your Knees” tasks:

  • To offer spiritual support & chaplaincy to 12,000 athletes, coaches and delegates from over 170 nations, gathered under one “village”.
  • 100 Campus & AIA staff and volunteers reaching out to 5,000 students from Kazan University impacted for the Gospel.
  • Churches from Kazan envisioned and equipped and coach to engage student athletes, develop sport ministry and help accelerate movement everywhere.
  • Equip & provide resources and hands on opportunities for 30 selected Western European AIA & Campus staff & key volunteer leaders on building movements within sport influencers at campuses throughout Western Europe.
  • Strategic follow up of hundreds of elite level athletes, coaches & officials which AIA disciples or supports at the other ongoing mayor sport events.
  • resourcing the actual CCC Student Led Ministries & International Sport Coalition trained leaders in the area.