The Ultimate Training Camp is a high intensity sports camp for serious amateur, elite and pro athletes. Our approach is unique as we include the spiritual dimension to sport development. We invite the athlete to journey with us as we seek to integrate faith into high performance training and competition.

We combine 5 classroom lectures that include teaching from the Christian scripture with 5 sessions in a controlled competitive environment (labs) that is designed to help you discover your motivation and competitive nature. We also teach you practical tools to take into your practice and competition. We end the program with a sports marathon to help you apply all that you have learned.

 This strategic training camp will help you explore important issues and questions in faith and sport like,
  • How do I balance my passion for sport with my faith in God?
  • What are my true motivations in sport?
  • How do I bring my walk with Jesus into my competitive life and world?
  • How can it train and grow spiritually as well as physically?
  • How do I deal with difficult circumstances in life and sport?

You will have access to great sport facilities, a nice hotel and the beuty and unbeatable weather of the Fortuned Islads to push you to the next level, both at our camp or as you keep your training routine, and to relax under the Sun in February!