International Sports Chaplaincy Training

Pastoral Care and Mentoring in Sport

Do you love sports? Do you have an authentic relationship with Jesus Christ? Are you a team player, relational and trustworthy? Do you enjoy volunteering and building into others?

If so, pastoring and mentoring others in sport awaits you. In this training, you will be equipped to care well for athletes thriving in their clubs, training facilities, and competitions.

The training is delivered by experienced practitioners, it is interactive and designed to draw out the existing knowledge and experience of participants and empower them efficiently and effectively. Each session concludes with a ‘Learning Capture’, where time is given for personal learning to be reflected upon and recorded.

A sports chaplain is…

  • A SERVANT who is an invited and trusted guest in the sports setting, who is available for conversations with team members, which may be personal and therefore confidential.
  • A PASTORAL MENTOR who understands and supports the total sportsperson: mental, physical, spiritual, behavioral and social.
  • A TEAM-PLAYER who works in relationship with the sport’s supporting community for ultimate performance (doctors, physiotherapists, managers, sports psychologists, officials, coaching staff etc).

The training

4Phase Training is a thorough and foundational training for sports chaplains and mentors.

Phase 1 explores the Biblical basis and critical elements of Pastoral Care and Mentoring in Sport.

Phase 2 places particular emphasis on pastoral care, while

Phase 3 centers on mentoring and includes a visit to a sports organization.

Phase 4 provides practical guidance on subjects such as family life; suicide awareness; and grief, loss, and transitions.


Continued professional support

Consultation, coaching, expert mentoring and ongoing courses for sports chaplains and mentors are offered according to need and availability, to help you and your sports chaplaincy team serve better, and to help you develop pastoral care and mentoring in sport, in your country and city.


Speaker Information

Ross Georgiou

Ross has been in sports ministry for over 20 years, during which time he has been a chaplain at the Olympics and many other events. He is also chair of the Major Sports Events Chaplaincy Commission and chairman of the International Sports Chaplaincy Federation. As well as this, Ross is a UEFA and NZ Football licensed coach.


Further speakers and teachers to be confirmed.


Prices include training activities and materials, hosting and food.

Travel cost is not included. ECSU sponsorship application available.


375€ – Monday 5th (1pm) to Friday 9th (1pm)


150€ – Friday 9th (4pm) and Saturday 10th (7pm)

Training + Consultation 

485€ – Monday 5th (1pm) to Saturday 10th (7pm)

Travel Costs (not included)

approx. 85€ – Zürich Airport to Seewis GR by train and bus

ECSU Sponsorship application

If you need support, let us know how much you can you cover.

You will find the sponsorship application here.


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