What Does it Take to be Great?

The SportLife series is a practical resource to help a sportsperson or team and their coaches and mentors. At SportLife you will find assesment tools and guide to discover a Christ-like and Biblical perspective for true greatness in competition and life.

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A great place to start! Choose any of the 25 critical issues in sport. They are intended for your individual or team discussion and assessment. On each of these one-page resources you will find questions, statements, statistics, food for thought and self-evaluation. As you reflect on each of the themes and issues you and your teammates, coaches and mentors will grow in self awareness with personal and team felt needs to achieve true greatness. Check then how the Follow Up Bible Studies and the Theological Frameworks give you relevant resources to work on each of those issues.


These resources will help the sportsperson or team and their coaches and mentors discover how the Bible speaks and informs the specific Critical Issue you are trying to deal with. They are brief, simple and focused Bible Studies based on one or two Bible passages. Each one contains a sport and life application and closes with a simple statement for meditation or prayer.


Here you will find means to deepen your understanding on what’s foundational for true greatness in sport and life. Biblical scholars and sport coaching and mentoring practitioners have worked on a sport specific theological framework on themes as Character, The human body, Money, Relationships, Emotions, Trials and Transitions, Play, Sport, Competition and Calling and Careers to deepen our understanding of these issues from a biblical perspective. The sportsperson, coach or mentor using any of the Critical Issues and Follow Up Bible Studies will find excellent support on them.


Although the good of sport is often misdirected by human- centered motives, sport is a gift from god for the betterment of individuals and communities. this gift calls us to treat competition as an act of worship (saying thank you), and to play Christianly, demonstrating love, honor and respect to the game and all who participate.

in competitive sport, it is often tempting to slide under the radar of the rules and gain an advantage. “as long as i don’t get caught, then is it really wrong?” Why are rules established for sport in the first place? is it possible to play by the rules and still
play against the spirit of the game?

you can’t really get rid of outside (external) pressure. there is always someone or something that has unrealistic expectations for you (family, coach, fans, press, federation, sponsors). it’s part of the reality when you pursue sport at an elite level.
the goal is to learn to manage the pressure.

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